urban redevelopment comment

The idea of using real estate development to restart cities is as old as cities, Unless it is truly based on looking out for the interests of the ecosystem and the marginalized, it is not going to work for the community. Most of the time these schemes benefit the wealthy few who own land rather than the workers or the children. They look better on paper than in reality. It is also interesting that the examples used in the article are primarily public projects like parks and flood control and resettling displaced people. If we are to have these public private partnerships the governments should not be giving sweetheart deals and tax breaks without great public scrutiny. But the marginalized get left out of the negotiation and the planet never gets a seat at the table. The thing that then makes the plan work. The people get rowdy and get in the streets and come to even the sham hearings. Because the track record is that when the public actually gets involved things are much more likely to work than when the are excluded.

greg gerritt  7/20/16

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