Turtles in Action

Turtles in Action

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This video project is part of the evolving Wildlife of the North Burial Ground project of Friends of the Moshassuck funded by the Rhode Island Rivers Council.
There is one full time pond in the NBG.  When i first started paying attention about 5 years ago on the sunning log you would see up to 6 turtles at a time. This past summer there were 14 after several years of growing a bit each year.  Painted Turtles.  There is also a snapping turtle in the pond most of the time, but I rarely see it and have never captured it in pixels.
Turtles are but one attraction in the pond.  I have video of fish, insects, muskrats, various birds, and various life stages of the Bullfrog from the pond all posted on this channel.
Turtles are hard to film.  They ought to be relatively easy.  They are largish, relatively slow moving.  I am still learning to make videos and had great difficulty getting clear pictures.  Besides the murky water that makes in water shots difficult, on the sunning log the intense reflection from the low morning sun off of the shells and heads means i rarely get clear pictures or good color.  Hopefully I will figure out how to deal with that eventually as I learn how to use the camera better.  And learn how to edit.
There is only 1 log to sun on in the morning in the pond and when it gets crowded it is hard to find a place to climb on.  That provides the bulk of the  action in the video.  I do not think watching a turtle repeatedly try to climb out of the pond onto the log and keep falling back in can hold a viewers attention for very long, so i experimented with speeding it up on occasion.  I think if the camera man had a steadier hand it would work pretty well.  So watch for it in 2014 as the season progresses.  And enjoy my first years efforts here.
I think I now know much more about turtles than I did before I started this endeavor, but I suspect I will learn much more over the next few years of study.  Hopefully that too will inform future posts on this channel.


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