The wrong tree

The wrong tree

The new mayor of Providence, Angel Tavaras made a serious mistake today.  He went back to business as usual in his approach to economic development, said he would get an expert to help grow the economy of Providence.  Just the mistake I was trying to help him avoid.  Guess I should have tried harder to get that meeting because he now has hoof in mouth disease.  Here is the quote

To implement his job creation agenda, Mayor Taveras said he would immediately begin a national search for a cabinet-level, economic development director, who will be charged with supporting local businesses and creating new jobs to put Providence’s residents back to work. To grow the Providence economy, Taveras said his administration would:

Maximize the development of the newly recovered I-195 land.

Develop 21st century public transportation for Providence’s residents and its commuters.

Make business interactions with the City predictable and consistent.

Aggressively pursue every economic development opportunity, large or small.

Strategically invest in Providence’s arts and entrepreneurs and in environmental policies to reduce the City’s carbon footprint and grow its green economy.

Recognize that sustained economic development comes only when accompanied by a well-trained workforce and world-class public schools

The economy is not going to grow, the resource base has crashed.  The price of housing still needs to come down.  What the mayor needs to do is think about how to shrink the economy while creating more jobs.  Shrink the economy, heal the ecosystems, widen prosperity.

Tavaras, like all politicians in America thinks he can grow the green economy and the knowledge economy.  But for the last 30 years the results have been the same, no growth except for the 1%.  But lots more depletion of the ecosystem, more global warming, more deforestation, fewer fish, eroding soils.  Poor get poorer and the middle class slips further behind.

I wish Tavaras had gotten it, but he has shown himself unwilling to pay attention to  anything other than the traditional models, and will going sailing along into failure following  a model that has failed for 50 years.  Just another politician barking up the wrong tree.

Read the previous post for a much more detailed description of the economic morass Tavaras has just bought in to.   1/3/11

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