The woodchuck


I saw the woodchuck several times over the course of a week before I was able to get a shot of it.  I think I posted about 10 seconds of muskrat shots last year, but that has been the only other possible mammal shots (except for humans) that I have posted. But with this woodchuck video I now have on Moshassuckcritters videos that focus on each of the major vertebrate classes.  Fish sex, probably due to the name, has been my most popular video so far,   The season has not yet started for tadpoles and frogs, but amphibians, especially the Fowler’s Toads, have been a primary focus.  Today’s woodchuck video is a bit chaotic because I was getting some very good turtle video and I went back to turtles when the woodchuck disappeared and then had to swing around to get more woodchuck pictures.  And I have a variety of bird videos posted.  Not bad for a little pond in the city.

One thought on “The woodchuck

  1. Not so sure it’s a woodchuck… 1 – It’s running around the pond. 2 – It has a long thin body and the tell-tale large rump bumping up and down when it runs, like all Mustelids (weasel family). 3. – Look at this video, which is similar – … I’m guessing it might be a marten or a mink.

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