The Wood Supply

The article in September 13 Providence Journal “Where did all the wood go?” struck a chord with me as a former carpenter and woodlot manager.   30 years ago in Maine we commented on the poor quality of the lumber being produced, and the tiny size of the trees being cut for it.  Yes COVID-19 disrupted supply chains, but the troubles go much deeper.   Maine is producing 20% less wood than it did 30 years ago, due to overcutting for so long.  The fires sweeping the west are burning huge areas slated for commercial harvest.  The 2 biggest uncut forests on the planet, Siberia and the Amazon, both had record fires this year.  It will only get worse.  Eventually the pandemic induced supply chain disruptions will abate, but until we rethink development and an economy that grows by destroying the forest, the wood supply issues will only get worse.