The resistance shall be strong

Everyone is writing post election analysis. What went wrongs, what went rights, what we missed, what it means. My take is that Trump is a typical tin horn demagogue and we shall resist. Between Washington gridlock, facts, federal employees who wish to serve with honor, congressional in fighting, the foreign policy establishment, Trump will have the typical inability to get much done. The ship of state turns slow. Add to that the resistance.

And it is the resistance that i want to focus on. If Hillary, the winner of the popular vote, had been elected we would have needed to be very active in the resistance. Hillary would have placated many activists with her stances on a very few issues, primarily social issues, that would have undercut the resistance to her substantive economic, environmental, and foreign policy misadventures. Trump simply makes being in the resistance a bit easier because he has almost no redeeming interests. So as a number of commentators have noted, we have no obstacles to being in the resistance now and we shall be stronger and more fierce. Much less likely to be co-opted.

Yes, there are individuals and groups of people who are more at risk in their daily lives under Trump. We in the resistance will have to be present for them more than ever. But since we know that, it will be easier to mobilize. Under either Trump or Hillary the climate train would still be runaway. (I am not looking forward to President Trump having to deal with climate disasters, they will be very bad for all involved, and I want us to avoid them, but I get the feeling that I am going to like him looking stupid while directing disaster relief while avoiding root causes. And maybe his big infrastructure program will include money to retreat from the coast. NAH.

Ask yourselves. Is anyone you know going to protest less hard because of Trump. Already the business tenants of Trump Towers are getting antsy. The extra security is keeping away customers. Do you think any anti fracking activists are going to back down? Or will you see more and more local resistance to fossil fuel infrastructure? Are people like Code Pink backing down? The Green Party came out of the campaign stronger than ever and much more diverse. The Democrats went backwards and need to figure out that they need to be on our side.

Black Lives Matter will be more important., And for the rest of us it will make it easier to protest the militarization of the police. Civilian review boards won a number of votes. As did legal marijuana.

My own work will change very little. I will continue to fight the real estate, meds, and eds economic development strategy that creates a boom economy for the already wealthy and highly educated and leaves everyone else behind while fostering gentrification Trump actually gets some of that, the part about lots of folks being left behind. He has no more strategy about how to fix the problem than anyone else still in the neo liberal mindset, and many of his pet ideas are likely to boomerang, but considering we have Governor Wall St and the neoliberals running the RI economy into the ground already a bit of his boost to infrastructure spending might be useful even if his plans for manufacturing are completely crazy in a resource restrained world.

The American people have faced this kind of craziness before and have survived. The Civil War, the Depression, The Dustbowl of the 1930s. This time round it will include more fire, but will it be as bad as when the KKK marched down main streets and lynched folks? I do not think we shall see that strange fruit. Cell phones will cut into police brutality. And I do not see warfare breaking out on the Northern Plains, nor more massacres. We shall fight, the pendulum will swing back and forth, occasionally wildly, but eventually the common sense and the reality of climate change and economic transformation will kick in, as will our understanding of ecological collapse.

Its going to be really bad out here for the next few years, but it was going to be really bad no matter what happened on election day. The bright spot in America these days is the resistance. Go all in.