The pipeline is a fools errand

Response to article in projo

To the Editor,

John Kostrzewa, in his September 4 article “Pipeline would be a conduit for jobs” trots out the same tired, and long since disproven arguments for building more climate destroying fossil fuel facilities. In this case a pipeline to bring us more gas. Study after study has demonstrated that the gas crunch is a fiction and nothing has shown that the gas pipelines will do anything to reduce the cost of energy in New England. Read the studies by the Acadia Center and the Conservation Law Foundation. The reality is that our future is solar and to put baskets of money into fossil fuel infrastructure threatens to burden us with a debt that will prevent a smooth transition to green energy and bring down the economy.

Big business and their shills in the chattering classes have tried to sell Rhode Islanders these same old tired myths for years. Sometimes they slide one by and we get a 38 Studios. Other times the people send them packing, saving us a fortune. This time the climate is too important for anyone to buy the lies and the economic analysis describes a world no one has seen for decades. The people of Burrillville and the Southside of Providence have spoken very clearly. We do not want projects that harm the environment and our communities that would be better off replaced with clean alternatives, especially when the long term economic benefits of going green are so apparent. No new fossil fuel infrastructure.

Greg Gerritt