The EFSB is a criminal organization

January 13 2016

I was disgusted by the actions of the government of Rhode Island yesterday. The Energy Facilities Siting Board, following upon the route laid out by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission decided that the people shall not be heard. Yes there will be public hearings about the ridiculous effort to build a gas fired power plant to poison the planet in Burrillville, but the EFSB is going to do everything it can to prevent the public from asking the hard questions. Telling the community that it can not intervene means that the criminals in the fossil fuel industry, those dedicated to destroying the planet and democracy, will not have to answer questions under oath from the community. It means the truth will not come out. I am guessing that the EFSB will do just what its name says, site a facility despite the fact that it will harm the lives of those in Burrillville, poison the water and air all along the gas pipelines and in the fracking fields, and create an extraordinary financial burden on Rhode Islanders that will drain our resources long after we close the power station because of its effect on the climate.

The governor and her lackeys seem to have no clue about stranded assets, the upstream and downstream effects of the gas industry on communities, or even how the economy works. If they were so worried about jobs as they claim, they would know that the only thing that creates fewer jobs for $700 million dollars is building things designed to kill people. Another thing that seems to be missing form the EFSB discussion is the fact that recent studies have shown that Rhode Island has enough electricity in the market without this power plant.

The fact that Rhode Island has committed itself to reducing its carbon footprint, and this proposed facility, if built, makes it absolutely certain that if built we shall never meet our obligations to reduce our carbon footprint, makes this proposal one of the all time stupid proposals RI politicians have ever tried to foist on us, right up there with the Quonset Megaport, 38 Studios, and moving the Pawsox.

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