Speaker Mattiello still wants to give away the farm

To the Editor,

I was horrified to read in the May 20 Providence Journal article entitled “Mattiello: Next pitch is the state’s” that the Speaker of the Rhode Island House is still trying to make a deal over the baseball stadium. Obviously he is not listening to the public. I attended the public forum at Hope HS on May 18 and other than someone who thought they might get a construction job for a few months building the stadium, not one person thought it was a good idea to provide any state or city tax subsidy to a bunch of millionaires trying to extort money from the public by threatening to leave. I am a baseball fan, as were most of the others at the hearing. But none of us thought giving away the public’s money was a good idea, and many thought the site was very flawed.

For a Speaker laser focused on economic development, Representative Mattiello is missing the boat on this too. There is no financial gain for the people from this by any measure, giving a public subsidy to very wealthy people will only serve to increase inequality, and as Picketty demonstrated recently, growing inequality harms economies. Economic development in the 21st Century is a bottom up, not a top down, proposition. That Rhode Island continues to think top down, and gives sweetheart deals to inside players, is why our economy does not work very well.
Greg Gerritt

2 thoughts on “Speaker Mattiello still wants to give away the farm

  1. Between the absurd ideas of moving the Pawsox and The Strollycar I don’t know which one is worse for the taxpayers of RI. Didn’t 38studios teach us anything??? Making the chosen few richer and plunging the rest of the states citizens deeper in debt is not the answer.

  2. it truly is corporate welfare and anyone who thinks ticket/refreshent prices wont skyrocket is not being realistic…………and for all those who supposedly are going to walk or come via bus, do the busses in that area even run late enough to accommodate the droves????

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