RI economy lte

RI economy lte

To the Editor,  The July 11 Providence Journal contained a small article “RI economy has been stalled for 3 months”.  Part of the continuing reporting on how and why the RI economy has performed so poorly. It seems that none of the experts or the politicians have come up with anything that actually works. I believe this is because they are approaching economic development from the top down rather than the bottom up.  They insist on catering to the rich rather than to the people and the planet.

Here is a simple 4 point plan that would help strengthen the RI economy.

Invest in healing the ecosystems we rely upon.   Reduce our carbon footprint to nothing.  Clean the water and the air. Rebuild forests, soils, agricultural potential, fisheries. Grow more food, organically.    Remember that you can not grow infinitely on a finite planet and plan accordingly for prosperity.

Tax the rich.  The more unequal societies become economically, the more damaged the community and ecosystems become.  More equal societies share the prosperity.

Stop using the medical and biotech industries as the main economic growth generators.   Using the medical industrial complex as an economic engine guarantees that health care will never be affordable, will harm job creation in the rest of the economy, and will bankrupt the country, as well as give us declining life expectancies in about 1/4 of American counties.

Build  housing for lower income residents of our community that uses no fossil fuels. The real estate bubble formed because people were forced out of rental housing and into buying a house by the shortage of housing people could actually afford to live in.  From the early homestead acts to public housing the American government had taken some responsibility for providing housing for low income individuals.   Now we offer homeless shelters at three times the cost of housing.

Greg Gerritt
37 6th St  Providence RI 02906

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