Rhode Map Commentary

Question on the Rhode map website:

What is your vision for a new approach to economic development in Rhode Island?

My Response:  only get 1000 characters
The most important thing is to understand current conditions.  And key conditions are climate change, growing injustice, and the end of economic growth for 99% of the population.  We have to throw out the business climate BS and realize that unless we directly address inequality the economy is going to continue to deteriorate.  Another study just came out pointing how rising inequality harms economies.  Even the pope can figure it out, why not Rhode Island?
And unless we heal our ecosystems, our communities will fail.  Climate change is about to drop us off a cliff, so what we need in that case is to stop using fossil fuels and start focusing on food security.  We need to rebuild forests, fisheries, and soils, which means compost and no more food scrap in the landfill.
We need to clearly remember that there is absolutely no correlation between a good business climate and a healthy economy.  As long as business interests reduce taxes on the rich, RI will never work.

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