My screed to senator Reed

I am glad you acknowledge the history of racial violence in America. One that continues to this day. I have always stated that until the government gives up violence, gives up militarism and the glorification of killing, we shall not have peaceful streets. Ponder that a while.

if we want peaceful communities we need to give up the empire. We need to give up on the idea that it is our oil, or that we have any right to demand people sell it to us or let us drill for it in their country. The impunity of the oil business overseas also extends to our communities in which so much of our pollution and damage to climate is exempted from regulation.

I understand the politics is ridiculously stupid. We are the only country with a cliamte denying major party. Probably because we do everything we can to eliminate 3rd parties, including hold candidates in black cells in Chicago while a debate was going on. (Jill Stein was held in Chicago for 7 hrs during a debate in chicago in 2012. Zip tied to a chair. When the debate ended they let her, and VP candidate Cheri Honkola, go. )

We have to end the militarization of the police, our youth, and our schools and communities if we want peaceful communities. We have to stop breaking young people in crazy invasions, occupations, surgical strikes. They bring the trauma home. We have to stop the drug war and the class war, provide real health care, and stop poisoning communities. I consider it totalitarianism when a community can not stop big business from polluting them and sickening their kids. That is what the legislature and governor Raimondo just did to the people of Burrillville. they took away their right to petition and vote and to protect themselves from large corporations doing incredibly idiotict hings like build more infrastructure for fossil fuels. Infrastructure that will become stranded assets when we close it down.

You have to know that there is no way in hell we have a livable community if we run gas plants for the next 30 years. it will HAVE to be shut down well before that to keep Providence from drowing in the lifetime of your grandchildren.

Our inability to deal with climate is tied up with the violence that this nation was founded upon, genocide and slavery. it is always someone else who will suffer, so we are allowed to continue the abuse.. The poor will suffer as the rich pay congressmaen to speak lies and deny science. Anti science thinking is definitely related to patriarchy, you know rule by the most violent sexist men. Knowledge of what they do is taboo. They keep everyone in line with ignorance and violence.

We need a new national myth, the current ones are killing us and the planet.

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