letter to the editor December 4 2015

I have never found the essays of Peter Morici to be of much value, he is a strict ideologue. But his most recent offering in the December 3, 2015 Providence Journal, “Another bad deal for America” takes the cake. Morici is an economist, and most mainstream economists have totally missed the boat on the relationship between climate change and the economy. Morici tells us that only polluting is good for the economy, while all the evidence tells us that solar power and wind power are the future, and that pollution kills economies as well as people. Even in China folks are protesting.

Morici, acknowledges that climate change is real, and the world is on track for a really bad time. Where he goes off track is by saying that if other folks do not commit to reducing carbon enough to really stop climate change, then we should and just use our money for mitigation so we can grow our economy faster. Morici has apparently missed the ever building evidence that the growth machine has permanently gone off the tracks, not only here, but throughout the world. Polluting more is not going to bring back American jobs or the economies of our communities any more than more tax cuts for the rich will. Healing our ecosystems and creating more justice are the road to future prosperity.

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