June 22 2013 at the NBG

Video is less than 6 minutes long.  Lots of interesting stuff.  Splashed by a hunting kingfisher.  I am pretty sure in the 10 second section where george and i talk that those are bullfrog tadpoles from the drainage swale, not tree frogs.  Rest of the time in the swale tadpoles are tree frogs.  In the other pond all tadpoles seen ar yearling bullfrog tadploes likely to transform and become frogs in the enxt few weeks.  Last year overlapped the tree frogs.   Today was the first time I could really see the legs on the tree frog tadpoles..  I thought maybe yesterday, but on 1 or 2 treefrog tadpoles in the video there are unequivocable legs.  Development goes on several more weeks as there are multiple nights of mating spread over several weeks and each night’s babies are a few days younger and behind in development.  Note the different sizes that swim together, something more noticeable in previous days postings.  Behavior of the tree frogs has also changed.  For several days in the middle of the day they were all out swimming.  Now they are staying in the vegetation more and moving much less.  Becomes harder to find places where you can see any at all even though the numbers have not dropped off dramatically.  Their swarming in the mid day sun seems so counter intuitive to a mammal, but now they are adopting more cryptic behavior.  I am starting to see a study next year on when the change comes in the behavior, and could base it on some criteria of how many cross a line in x time based.  Not sure I can be that regular. But it would be great training for a budding scientist.  Anyone know a teenager in need of an outdoor study project?   greg

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