Greg’s 60th birthday conference speakers list

Greg’s 60th Birthday Conference Speakers

The morning line up will start at 10 AM with welcomes from the hosts and the politicians that wander in.
Tony Affigne will be the MC.
Then I get to talk. Not sure what I will be talking about one month from now, depends upon what catches my ear and is being processed, but I will give an overview of what I think RI needs as well as give my own welcome to the assembled.
Then we have the keynoter  Margaret Flowers co director of Its Our Ecoonomy.  The more people I talk to, the more I find folks familiar with Margaret’s work on health care.  She has broadened her horizons and I am really looking forward to meeting her and listening to her.
Then we have lunch.  I am still looking for some special presentation during lunch, but maybe I will just show my tadpole development video.
After lunch will be a series of 15 to 20 minute talks by some of the more interesting practioners and ponderers in Rhode Island, though lead off by an outsider who is one of my favorite observers of the American scene, Sam Smith.
The afternoon lineup beginning at 1:15
Towards an economy that works for all        Sam Smith     Editor of the Progressive Review,
Nourishing Rhode Island’s Future    Katherine Brown  Ph D. Rockbridge Farm
Natural resources: Rhode Island’s economy and landscape   Ken Payne   Administrator, RI Agricultural Partnership, and Principal, System Aesthetics LLC.
Building Resilient Community Economies       Robert Leaver     New Commons
What Should We Do and Not Do to Revitalize Rhode Island’s Economy?        Marshall Feldman     Director of Research and Academic Affairs at URI’s Center for Urban Studies and Research and an Associate Professor in URI’s Charles T. Schmidt, Jr. Labor Research Center.
Inequality and the prospects for prosperity in Rhode Island     Eric Hirsch   Professor of Sociology  Providence College
Achieving Economic Justice: Implementing An Urban RI Economic Strategy Plan     Keith Stokes    Mayforth Group
Valuing the urban forest      Ray Perrault      Director  Trees 2020  Groundwork Providence
Some effects of the military industrial complex on Rhode Island    Martha Yager  Program Coordinator  American Friends Service Committee SENE
Ecological Economics   Greg Gerritt  Practice Focused on Community Prosperity on Planet Earth
Register by emailing Greg Gerritt   Please let me know if you will be attending the conference, the party, or BOTH and how many people ( and who)  will be in your entourage.
Conference costs    $40 per person.  If the price is too high, let me know.  Your presence is more important than your money.
Just coming to the party    $40 per person.    If the price is too high, let me know.  Your presence is more important than your money.
BOTH   $60 per person     If the price is too high, let me know.  Your presence is more important than your money.
SPONSORS    I am hoping many of you will be able to donate a bit more to support the work of the Environmental Justice League of Rhode Island and Groundwork Providence two small non profits in Providence that I am proud to be associated with, and who are in the trenches helping prepare the community and the people in the community for the changes we are going through.   If you can not attend, please consider giving in honor of my birthday.
$100 per person or more would be gratefully accepted and acknowledged with a listing in the program under “I am standing with Greg on his birthday for environmental and economic justice.
Checks made out to the Environmental Justice League of RI  (EJLRI is fine) can be mailed to Greg Gerritt   37 6th St  Providence RI 02906
Or  pay on line at   


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