Frogs Late June NBG

This week’s observations at the NBG.


The little pond is much smaller due to the dry weather, and the rain friday night did not enlarge it.  The arrowroot(I think) (the emergent plant with purple fllowers in a spike) makes it very difficult to see more than a few feet from shore, so hard to know what is going on, but in the one area that I can still see into the  water there are only a few tadpoles left, and these have lightened in color and developed legs.  Looks like this latest hatching class will be gone very soon, joining their conspecifics in the woods.    Yesterday I thought I saw a bullfrog tadpole, and the bullfrogs are still around, but again, with limited visibility it is hard to know.

Plenty of action over at the big pond.  It appears that all of let years tadpoles have now become froths, with hundreds around the edge of the pond.  While I was not watching the number of jumping tadpoles rapidly diminished and the number of frogs on shore expanded.  Looks to be nearly complete, and now in the water you are seeing the much smaller rings and lower jumps of the new crop of tadpoles, probably very similar to the bullfrog tadpoles I saw in the little pond.

I saw two muskrat one day this week, I saw a night heron this morning.  And walking home there were a pair of goldfinch along with the usual assortment of robins, jays, sparrows, flickers, hawks, and doves.

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