Fowler’s Toad Tadpoles

June 11, 2015

It rained for the first time in a month a week ago and the Fowler’s Toads and Gray Tree Frogs have come out to play at night every night since then.  The result is hundreds of 1/8 inch long Fowler’s Toad tadpoles swimming about the drainage swale.  I will be watching and recording as much as I can until they hop away.


But I will also keep an eye on the weather charts.  In just a week the pond has shrunk considerably and if there is no appreciable rain, it will be dry in 2 weeks.  As the tadpoles need at least 6 weeks to transform into toads, reproductive success this year is still very iffy.  About all the tadpoles do is eat and rest, so the video brings you home with some special guests.


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