Fowlers toad mating calls and note



May 11 2014

Last year I thought I figured out that the Fowler’s Toads start mating when he temperature at night reaches 60 degrees. This past week i started checking in the evening to see if mating season had begun, with no action earlier in the week as the temperatures in the evening were in the low 50’s. Last night it was warm enough for the first time, and as predicted the toads were calling.

The buzzes are the Fowler’s toads, but there are several other things calling that i could not see and could not identify. Anyone with knowledge of what else is calling, please let me know. Thanks.


Checked again on the evening of the 11th, Toads were calling, going to try to check when it gets cooler later in the week too.  See if I have the temperature thing down.


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