Forensic forestry

Forensic forestry

I finally got to check out some of the key forest sites in my local watersheds now that the hurricane has passed.  In my recent wanderings I have seen lots of trees broken and down, but had come to see that most of the damage was to trees that were not very healthy.

Today i got to check out the healthiest forest spots in my local watersheds in the city and found similar results.  There are some forest giants sitting on the ground along the Seekonk River, but all relatively unhealthy trees.  The one giant I saw that seemed healthy before it blew over seems to have been hit on the way down by an unhealthy one.

Yes, I know it would have been great to be spared, but the overall loss of canopy is not great and most of what was lost seemed in need of pruning, so for such a storm, not a bad result in my watershed.

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