Creating Prosperity for the 99% Greg’s 60th Birthday conference

Creating Prosperity for the 99% in Rhode Island Greg’s 60th Birthday conference

Posted on July 8, 2013
Ecological Healing, Ecological Economics, Economic Justice:  Creating Prosperity for the 99% in Rhode Island
Greg’s 60th Birthday Conference   October 12 2013  10 AM to 5 PM  Pawtucket Armory  Pawtucket RI
Contact Information
Greg Gerritt
On October 12 2013 at the Pawtucket Armory beginning at 10 AM, there shall be a conference  ”Ecological Healing, Ecological Economics, Economic Justice,  Creating Prosperity for the 99% in Rhode Island.  ”  Organized by Greg Gerritt for his 60th birthday, the conference is part of an effort to open up the discussion as to the appropriate economic development strategy for Rhode Island and places like Rhode Island.  It is clear that an economy run for the benefit of the 1% does not work very well for anyone other than the 1%, but that other models of development appear ot be off the table.  As the economy grinds to a halt due to inequality, we also see ever more ecological destruction, further damaging the economy.  It is my contention that an economy that focuses on ecological healing, economic justice, and local based food security will be much more capable of riding out the turmoil of the 21st century and climate change than economies focused of the greed of the 1%.  Yet the people who direct economic policy in Rhode Island continue on the 1% path despite the traumas it brings and the general failure of development efforts over the last 40 years.
It is unlikely that we can turn the ship of state away from thrashing around for growth in one fell swoop, but it is still critical to begin a new discussion, one that lays out the true parameters of the ecological and unequal box we have been pushed into.  Hence a conference as a way to restart the discussion. This time encompassing the full range of possibilities, not just the business climate model trumpeted by the Koch brothers and their wealthy allies that we have been offered.
No one day conference can be comprehensive, but the October 12 conference will offer talks by some of the leading thinkers in the Eastern US and Rhode Island on where the economy might go if ecological healing and economic justice are at the heart of what we do to help our communities prosper.
Confirmed speakers
Keynoter  Margaret Flowers          Its Our Economy
Katherine Brown    Independent consultant on Community Agriculture
Marshall Feldman    URI
Robert Leaver   New Commons
Ken Payne     System Aesthetics LLC
Ray Perrault  Groundwork Providence
Jamie Rhodes   Clean Water Action
Sam Smith     The Progressive Review
Martha Yager   American Friends Service Committee
Greg Gerritt
Additional speakers are expected
Conference is being hosted by The Environmental Justice League of Rhode Island and Groundwork Providence.  Their websites are
Conference fee   $35.00   rising to $40 on September 15
There is a separate admission birthday dinner/dance party immediately following the conference (at 5:30 PM)  raising money for the EJLRI and GwP   Preregistration for dinner for conference attendees is a must.
For More Information or to To Register for the conference email Greg Gerritt   All arrangements can be made from there.  
Greg Gerritt is available for interviews and to explain the conference at the contact information above.  Greg’s current work on the Rhode island economy can be viewed at     and the Rhode Island economy is specifically explored in

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