Compost Project 6/1/10

Compost Project 6/1/10

Time for the Compost Project to move to a next phase.  The last 18 months have been about getting the word out, infecting the community with the idea of compost.  The next 18 months have to be about implementation.  Getting things built.

I continue to focus on facilities, still assuming if facilities can be built, the rest of the system will fall in behind.  But i am starting to wonder if facilities can be built here.  The economics of trash in RI may make it much more difficult.  Only the numbers will tell, now to collect the numbers and analyze them.  June should be time to make strides on that.  Maybe have a report with some good numbers by fall?

In the mean time keep other aspects moving.  I have been talking about small scale machines for community gardens with Michael Bradley and Ecotope that could serve the restaurant market, while trying to figure out what pilots can get going. The Ohio University material provided a spark.  I wrote to Wright engineering, and need to follow up with a phone call.   Marty Grimes in Newport really wants to have Aquidneck Planning Commission take a serious gander at this based on the flyer from Linden Hills MN.  Newport also needs a demo of Michael’s inventions.   Going to call about that next week

The dance with a potential anaerobic digester/multidimensional facility company was ultimately unsuccessful, but very useful.  I was sorry that Larry’s guys had the wrong technology, but I learned much, including how better to prepare for future dances.  I sort of waited for them for a month while doing other things, but maintained momentum in other areas. I used the time to prepare most of a research plan, enough so that I can start collecting data, and start talking to towns and cities.  Enough to put more pressure on the hauling business to prepare.  I have made some calls in all of these sectors.   But as noted above, the low tip fees and electricity markets make it iffy.  I also need to figure out more how to lock up enough trash to make it feasible with long term contracts.

But it will take having the numbers to attract a private business to invest.  I will continue to talk to those, feeling out what they need.  In fact I did one today, and knew the answers before I started the conversation.  Must be time to collect the numbers.

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