Compost Grant Report 5/21/10

Compost Grant Report 5/21/10

I was getting ready to write and update on the Compost Project for the blog, it has been a while when I was asked to write up a bullet point summary of work for the last year for grant reporting purposes.  Once I did that I realized i had taken care of two projects at once.  Here is what I sent in as a report

Compost Project activities for the year from June 2009 to May 2010.
Summer 2009

Continuing research into collection and processing of compostables and the diversity of solutions available in order to get the food scrap in Providence composted and returned to the soil.

Spent time cultivating Providence city government contacts seeking support for Compost Stakeholder Convening and working with the city on logistics.  Convening took place in January 2010.

Brought together facilities managers from RISD, Brown, JWU, and PC to share information and incite action as regards to composting the food scrap generated by campus dining facilities.  Maintain regular contact with all 4 schools, and support efforts on all 4 campuses for independent and joint action.  RISD bought compost machines, student organizations at Brown and JWU are asking their administrations for progress.

Viral marketing of the idea of compost everywhere.

Fall 2009

Provided logistical and political support for introduction of Providence Greenup program. Learned much about how to roll out a program like this.

Preparations for compost stakeholders convening including expanding network

Discussions with waste haulers about the need for them to invest in preparations for compost.  Discussions continue.

Conducted workshop on compost at Sustainable Living Festival

Continued research

Continued viral marketing

Winter 2010

Compost Stakeholders Convening in Providence January 15

More than 50 attendees including representatives form the RI legislature, City Councils, DEM, EPA, City DPWs, farmers, waste haulers, composters and recycling advocates.

Developed numerous partners with continuing relationships.

Received a variety of publicity including several articles in

Convened several committees that continue meeting based on conference attendees, with the most active being those focused on home composting and restaurant collection.

Began supporting work at Ecotope related to compost machines and collection systems.

Began exploring the entrepreneurial factors that might lead to faster development of compost facilities.

Began looking for technologies specifically related to anaerobic digestion/electricity production/composting facilities and for people who might be convinced to build and operate such a plant in Providence metro area.

Convened composters and food waste generators in several places around the state in effort to link folks for pilot projects

Spring 2010

Gave 4 talks in 6 weeks at various conferences on compost and the possibilities in the current time with an eye on developing a plan to convince communities to mandate source separation for organics.

Developed a full scale research plan to provide the data that would allow project to go to city halls and convince them.

Worked with EPA to find technical assistance for research.

Continued viral marketing and information gathering.

Home Composting committee working with RIRRC to develop materials to teach and encourage all of the ways of home composting while keeping in mind how it integrates into a larger scale  composting system.

Received grant from Anderson Rogers Foundation to support Compost Project staff time.

Keeping watch on bicycle cart collection of compostables in Providence

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