Comments for Brookings Institute

Comments for Brookings institute

Dear Brookings Institute, I received a link to your article on Prosperity that I have included below.  Y’all have a reputation as a pretty respectable operation, but here is much about your article that I find exceedingly troubling.  Most fundamental is your confusion between growth and prosperity.  Back in 1992 I served a stint with the Maine Economic Growth Council.  I watched as they too seemed to have that confusion.  The confusion seems to come because neither you nor they reallty have any conception of the limits to growth on a finite planet.  You would think that global warming, the loss of forests, the erosion of top soil, and the total depletion of ocean fisheries would give you some conception on how close the earth is to ecological limits, and I would hope you have some conception about how much the ecosystem underlies the economy.  You can have robust growth, you can even have growth that works to reduce inequality, (though that is very rare) but you can not have sustainable growth when the growth depletes ecosystems.

Would you please explain how your program fits in with the health of ecosystems or at least acknowledge openly that it ignores ecosystem health and therefore is at least a bit suspect?  Here in Rhode Island we have on rare occasion been able to thwart the development of truly inappropriate economic development scams.  Often they are stopped for purely local reasons, but at all times there is an undercurrent spreading the word of how the project also will undercut itself due to long term ecological collapse and that backs up the local support for doing the right thing.

When are you going to come up with prosperity proposals that actually fit in with ecosystems, and therefore are much more likely to work over the long term?

Greg Gerritt   Founder  Prosperity Project  Providence RI

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