Climate Change Letter Heritage Foundation lies everyday

To the Editor,

On April 15 2017 the Projo published another in the long series of lies and deceptions from the Heritage Foundation, “Inquisition against Deniers begins”. The Heritage Foundation was founded in 1973 as part of a larger strategy to undo democracy, racial equality and a clean environment by some of the biggest corporate criminals in the world, For over 40 years it has been wrong about just about everything, while helping to create a world in which science, truth, justice, and freedom have become an endangered species. Yet today the Heritage Foundation, and friends are complaining that they are being persecuted for lying.

The science of how additional carbon dioxide and methane overheat the planet is 100% certain and been known for 120 years, but businesses are allowed to lie. They do it all the time. But where they do not have the right to lie, and where it becomes fraud, is when people get hurt or die, or their homes are destroyed. Climate change is already among the leading cause of wars and refugees on the planet, and thousands are dying in extraordinary heat waves and the strongest hurricanes ever recorded. Rhode Island shore communities are watching beaches, houses, and marshes disappear, the drought in California threatens the American food system and the water pollution and toxic chemicals of fracking is poisoning thousands.

I wish the Providence Journal was more interested in the truth than in helping perpetuate the big lie of the climate deniers.

Greg Gerritt
37 6th St
Providence RI 02906