Bugs in the Burial Ground 2013

This is the final video in my 2013 series.  I do not know what most of the critters in this video are. The beginning of the video captures images of critters I netted while seeking tadpoles in Providence’s  North Burial Ground drainage swale.  I have some of those same critters captured in pixels swimming around the swale in natural habitat.  The purple flowers are I believe arrow leaf.  They grow in the drainage swale, filling the pond in late June and making it impossible to film things swimming in the water after that.  The latter part of the video was filmed at the permanent pond in the burial ground.   greg

1 thought on “Bugs in the Burial Ground 2013

  1. Nice collection- in the water I see larvae of the insects you later see flying. One dragon fly larvae, hundreds of mosquito larvae, water bug, japanese beetle, tadpole, etc. Join Bioblitz this year and you can spend a day with entomologists and biologists identifying them – http://www.rinhs.org

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