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From RI Prosperity Project to Prosperity for RI

Press Release

Prosperity for Rhode Island
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Washington DC Lobbyists for biggest businesses in America force small Rhode Island organization working for a better community to give up name and website.

The Business Industry Political Action Committee, an organization focused on stuffing thousand dollar contributions into the hands of Congressmen so they will vote for the big business agenda (such as the bailout of Wall St to the tune of $700 BILLION this fall, wars for oil, and refusing to address global warming) has decided that the RI Prosperity project violated its trademark on Prosperity Project.

RI Prosperity Project founder Greg Gerritt noted ”I was honored to be attacked by an organization composed of the Vice Presidents and top Washington DC lobbyists for General Motors, Exxon, Shell, Verizon, International Paper, the National Mining Association, Florida Power and Light, the American Petroleum Institute, and the Business Roundtable.  They found out about the Rhode Island Prosperity Project when I helped organize RI events for  the Sept. 27 Green Jobs Now national day of action.  It is flattering that when there are so many Prosperity Projects on the web, that mine was singled out as a threat to their good name.  I must be doing something right. “

Considering that the agenda of of the Business Industry Political Action Committee is to elect pro business Congressmen,  the same Congressmen who voted to bail out Wall St and their floundering businesses despite the looting of America by the criminals with a pen, I am glad they find me a threat.  The Business Industry PAC has never had a Rhode Island project, has no interest in Rhode Island, and has such a distorted view of what brings prosperity to communities that you have to wonder if they have any interest in our communities at all except to loot them.  General Motors has been losing Billions of Dollars and betting on gas hogs.  Exxon Mobil has done everything it can to prevent our country from stopping global warming. Rhode Island is seriously at risk from the behavior of these corporations, with the highest unemployment rate in the country and skyrocketing home foreclosures.   Yet they are attacking the RI Prosperity Project, despite BIPAC having no RI project.  The Rhode island Prosperity Project initially replied to BIPAC and its prosperity project that Rhode Island could really use some prosperity, and that a more community based and ecological approach was going to be necessary to create prosperity here, but in any case, we would be happy to work with them around revitalizing the RI economy.

BIPAC, through their lawyers replied that if you do not relinquish your website then we shall take you to court, clearly having no interest in actual prosperity in Rhode Island

The work is more important than the name, so  the Rhode Island Prosperity Project is changing its name to Prosperity for Rhode Island and its website home will soon be   The work on helping Rhode Island prepare for an ecologically based prosperity in our communities, an economy based on clean rivers, healthy soils, good food, carbon free homes, solar power and meeting local needs in ways that corporate America has forgotten to do continues. Look for us next at the 12th Annual Buy Nothing Day winter coat exchange on November 28 on the State House lawn and check out for ideas on how to improve the RI economy.

For more information on Prosperity for Rhode Island and efforts to create prosperity in our communities Greg Gerritt can be reached and eventually via the website.

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