Response to article in Boston Globe on military recruitment issues

Prosperity For RI7/15/22 – 7:39AM

The US military stopped drafting because it did not want people who opposed the empire in the military. So the US now has a military full of white supremacists. We saw how that turned out on January 6 when white supremacist militias tried to overthrow democracy.  

What we seem to have now is that the rich old men of the Congress think more money and a bigger military will solve all our problems,, but the young people are voting with their feet. (And ever since the Supreme Court made voting harder, voting with their feet seems to be their only option)

What we need in this country is a serious discussion about what kind of military the American people want. Throw the military contractors out of the halls of Congress, stop listening to the generals, and invite about 1000 young people at random to testify in front of congress about the kind of military the US should have. do we want to be the world’s policeman. Is it right to spend more than the next 10 nations in military spending spend together? is it right to have lousy health care but more bullets and guns than any other country? Do we need nearly 800 military bases around the world?

If the young people of America are the future, maybe we need to listen to them. If they do not want to join the military, maybe we need a SMALLER military.