No new gas fired power plants

If we are serious about changing course, then we must act as though we are serious. Large swathes of the planet will be uninhabitable in the near future if the temperatures keep rising. The refugees from the storms , fires, and wars will pour over the borders and democracy will become extinct if we keep building fossil fuel plants. I may have been the first person to start writing about how we need to stop building any new fossil fuel facilities. In Rhode Island we have started to make this commitment, though the troglodytes among us keep pushing for more as they are unwilling to face reality.

The argument that we need more and more power is false. The economy is going to change, and as we restrict the power of the rich, it will shrink and become more equitable. Deforestation will stop as we allow the indigenous to restore the land and we shall use less wood. The elimination of most single use plastics will help.  

It is going to take a massive shift away from consumerism and towards justice if we want an economy and democracy that works. That means stop building any new fossil fuel facilities and start focusing on public health. I am old enough that i will not see the worst of what is coming. But I gave my car away in 1976, have stopped flying, and have helped RI start a green stormwater management system and community composting. use less, share more if what we need in the 21st Century.