How to find allies in the struggle against right wing anti semitism

I wrote this in the comments section of the Boston Globe

One thing most of this discussion leaves out is how Israel in its practices in the occupied territories has alienated many of its potential allies in the fight against anti Jewish sentiments. Some of the ways this works is by the melding of the politics of Israel and powerful forces in American jewry. By Israel and its government aligning with the Republicans, and then teaching American police forces how to control an occupied territory (think Black neighborhood) , progressives are appalled. Both around the treatment of Palestinians and the treatment of American Blacks. As a Jew it is very hard to support Israel in its apartheid system. I protested South African apartheid 35 years ago, how can I not protest Israeli apartheid now.

The willingness to call Anti apartheid work to free Palestine anti semitism, means the refusal of parts of the Jewish community to separate Israeli government from Judaism. For Jews to again have allies in the fight for justice (and by that i mean people who want to end racism here) and an end to racist actions against Jews means that American Jews, not just 35% of them, have to give up on supporting an apartheid governments and the settlements in the West Bank. When Palestine is no longer under the thumb of the most religious in Israel, when Judaism is no longer associated with a racist government, when Jews in America are truly united in opposing the the racists running America, our allies int he struggle for justice will return. To expect them to return while Netanyahu and other Israeli politicians openly suck up to the racist Trumps of the world in unrealistic.