Forestry without Forests

I find it rather interesting that one could look at long term trends in the forest based industries and never once mention the health of the forest, the amount of wood currently available, or climate change.  Nor the loss of biodiversity and the recent  trends to make sure that the indigenous hold on to the land to protect the climate and biodiversity.  

My response to an article in an economic development on line journal

A fish story

About 11:30 AM I was walking along the Moshassuck River.  I was on the west side of the river heading north from the walkway between the Citizens Bank building and the tidewater section of the river.  I was looking towards Canal St.  it was relatively low tide, about 3 feet of water in the river at this stretch, cloudy so relatively low visibility into the water.  I walk this way nearly every day so I knew there were thousands of little menhaden in the water and I was looking for schools.

Just north of the bank building I saw two cormorants that seemed to have just popped up from underwater, most likely fishing excursions.  They startled each other when they nonchalantly almost crashed into each other.  One swam away to the south, but the other dove and veered north along the east wall of the canal. Swimming under water at a fantastic speed.  As it went along the wall a 2 inch long menhaden jumped with the cormorant close behind.  The fish made a mad dash for safety and the cormorant snapped at it 3 more times before finally catching it and then immediately eating it. It then dashed south underwater along the east wall and another small menhaden jumped, this one to be caught on the second snap and immediately swallowed.   

The bird then continued south, while I continued north, thinking that in all my years of watching cormorants this is the first time I have ever seen one actually catch a fish.

Greg Gerritt  8/13/19