To the editor,
I appreciated the MAGAnomics article in the Sunday July 16 Journal business section. It was a reminder to all Americans, especially those involved in the economic development industry, that growth will be slow, and that all of the gyrations that politicians offer in the name of the business climate (which is exactly what President Trump bases his economic ideas on) have essentially a zero effect on economic growth rates. Deregulation and low taxes do not improve economic growth rates. And all of the data backs that up. President Trump has clearly demonstrated a lack of understanding of the global situation we find ourselves in, and has yet to tell the truth about the economy. Interestingly the entire political leadership of Rhode Island buys into the same ideology offered by Trump, which has failed to deliver for 50 years, and still think it true. And when questioned about it,they babble on. It is long past time when the political leadership of the United States and Rhode Island started telling the truth about the long term downward trends in growth across the entire planet, how little business climates actually matter, and how to create prosperous communities under the circumstances we find ourselves in. It sure would help when the legislature puts together the budget.

Greg Gerritt