Potomac Fever

The President and the Congress suffer from an extremely virulent form of Potomac Fever.  It seems to strike many who go to Washington to hold power.  Unfortunately Potomac Fever is a disease that only kills those who do not have it.  The uninfected it kills by the millions, while the biggest bubble on earth insulates the Washington elite from dying of the Potomac Fever they rain down on the rest of us.

Austerity does not work

Rhode island voters normally approve bond issues for infrastructure, schools, and protecting the environment (broadly defined).  2012 was no exception.  The legislature had to be dragged kicking and screaming to put the bond issues on the ballot, the people approved them overwhelmingly.

There are many reasons for the people being ahead of the legislature on this.  The primary reason is that most of us never have our ears twisted by millionaires promising re-election if they just cut services more and lower taxes.  Out here where most of us live it becomes more obvious daily that good public services, good schools and well thought out transportation systems for example as well as robust emergency systems, make a huge difference in the health and prosperity of the community, and we have seen little evidence that privatizing all services will save us money or improve service.  All it will do is undercut the middle class.  We have also figured out that the health of the ecosystem and the natural and agricultural areas around us makes a huge difference in our lives, and the prosperity of our communities.

So the people voted quite strongly for better infrastructure and a healthier environment, for investing in the future.  Hopefully the legislature has learned a bit, and figures out the next budget crunch needs to be balanced on the backs of the wealthy not on the rest of us.

Further buttressing the argument is the recent work noting that economies with less economic inequality work better.  Demand and supply are more predictable, and much less money is hoarded.  Money stays circulating in the community longer as well.

Come to the conference on October 12 2013 Ecological Healing, Environmental Justice, and Prosperity for RI communities.  Registration will open soon.




reacting to comments on the election

Neither the Democrats nor the Republicans are prepared for the changes that climate change is bringing. They are unprepared for shrinking the military, making healthcare truly affordable and based on prevention, and building resilience and self reliance in our communities as the road to prosperity. Both parties set us up for a failed economy because they think growth is essential, while the planet tells us that smaller and more equal is going to work better