Rally for Jobs, Peace, and Planet

My apologies to those of you receiving this email who do not live in Rhode Island or nearby places.  You will miss out on one very cool rally.
This spring I spent much of my time watching tadpoles develop into Gray Tree Frogs in the little pond at the North Burial Ground.  I think next year I am going to have to make a video.  As tadpole season progressed Rhode Island was rocked by the collapse of 38 Studios, the video game business created by Curt Schilling.  That debacle is going to cost the taxpayers of RI $100 million.  It was all inside baseball with the governor personally working the system to get Schilling the money.  I started writing on the failure of economic development policy in Rhode Island from an ecological perspective in an essay that has taken on a life of its own.  It will be months before it is done.
In some ways the Rally for Jobs, Peace, and Planet combines my work on these two topics, ecology and sustainable economics,  with one of the other things that is close to my heart, Green Party presidential politics.  Some of you know that I had a major hand in developing the process by which Green Party presidential candidates are chosen.  This year the system really worked well, and we have a great candidate, Jill Stein.  In Rhode Island we are currently petitioning to get Jill on the ballot, it takes 1000 signatures signatures of registered Rhode Island voters, and to culminate that petition drive, get some votes in November, and really get out a message on these issues that is drowned in the issues free dog and pony show that is the current state of American Presidential Politics, a bunch of us are putting together a rally on August 18 called “A Rally for Jobs Peace, and Planet”.  Jill Stein will be the keynoter, but we are also lining up a great lineup of speakers, including me, and some fabulous entertainment including the Duopoly Jalopy.
The site for the rally will be the Roger Williams National Historic Site, a beautiful park in downtown Providence where Roger Williams found a fresh water spring that he used to provide drinking water for the first Europeans to live in Providence.  A community center based on clean water for the lively experiment in democracy that Williams fostered seems perfect for a Rally on Jobs, Peace, and Planet.
Saturday, August 18 @ 3pm
The Roger Williams National Memorial
282 North Main Street  (along the lower end of the Blackstone Canal and the Moshassuck River) 

I encourage all of you to attend, and i encourage all of you to help in other ways if you can.
To bring Jill’s message to the Ocean State, the Green Party of Rhode Island is paying for park services, sound systems, space rentals, and permits. We’re using public venues and our expenses are reasonable, but we do have to pay them, from our local Party budget. You can help! Please visit RIGREENS.ORG to make a secure donation, hosted at PayPal, in any amount you can.
You can also support the campaign of Jill Stein, and her vice presidential running mate Cheri Honkola where ever you are.  By going to the campaign website, http://www.jillstein.org/  you can donate, volunteer, and learn.
Look forward to seeing many of you on August 18, and hope you will support this rally and campaign efforts in other ways as well.
Greg Gerritt