Wall st Comes to Burrillville

Wall St comes to Burrillville.  Greg Gerritt 7/19/16


Wall St came to Burrillville and laid down the law. Your government, following the worst climate denying science at the behest of investors in fossil fuels, thinks that climate change is such a bad issue to run on that they constantly do things that ignore every bit of the science they claim to support. The governor believes in gas and hallucinates that an investment in gas will create jobs for the short term that translate into MORE JOBS despite the hurricanes and inequality the strategy creates. And the damage those things do to the economy and lives of the 99%

Only a fool, or someone who believes the phony stuff taught in the business schools that cater to the wealthiest and wealthiest wannabes, because it describes a system that preserves their privilege and allows them to escape most of the consequences of the destruction they wreak on communities, ecosystems, and the climate in the pursuit of profit, would take the positions of Governor Raimondo in the face of overwhelming public opposition and the clear science.

The naked truth is that it is only by addressing climate change directly, by transforming our centralized system to a decentralized electricity generation system, increasing the equality in our economic system , and adapting to a slow to zero growth economy embedded firmly in a zero carbon emissions environment, can our communities prosper.

So the governor came to town, heard the overwhelming opposition of the community and said its out of my hands. I support it, but I will allow the rigged process to continue. Maybe if it is truly egregious the Energy Facility Siting Board will stop it. That is a joke. The Governor appoints the members and they owe their day jobs to her.

I did not see anywhere whether or not the governor addressed the issue of the DEM report that slammed Invenergy for such a weak application, with so many holes you could run a truck through it. This is what passes for state of the art in fossil fuel land, whereas we have seen Deepwater Wind do a much better job in making sure the process was transparent and meticulious because they knew their chance of success was to do great work. Invenergy does not seem to feel that way. And it shows. Yet the Governor continues to roll out the red carpet and tax breaks galore are offered.

The reality is that if RI is to thrive in the coming years we must stand firm and say No New Fossil Fuel Facilities of any kind. We have to put the cork in it now.

Building these pipelines, compressors, and power plants guarantees that we shall be wasting our money on the debt service of stranded assets. Facilities closed down long before they wore out because they were so bad for the community and the planet. Facilities closed down when the climate tips and our coastal cities lose huge hunks of real estate, our beach communities lose their beaches, there are few fish in the water, each year is hotter than the one before, and hurricanes and floods stalk the land. Facilities stranded when the boom runs out or we actually stop the craziness of fracking. You know it is crazy to allow or else they would never have had to exempt it from the Clean Water Act. Why would anyone in their right mind allow activities that are so dirty they need to be exempted from the Clean Water Act?

I sort of understand why our political class is so numb, even the ones who tell us how bad the climate is getting, how bad the climate deniers are, but still support building the gas infrastructure of the bridge to destruction They are locked in the get money from the rich all the time to keep their jobs, and then face massive lobbying from the largest staff of paid liars in the western world.

What is a conscientious person to do. For one, on July 20 at 4 PM on Allens ave, come hear Green Party Presidential candidate Dr Jill Stein give you the real scoop on what is going on. Dr Stein will be speaking at the No LNG in PVD rally at the corner of Ernest st and Allens ave. Listen to someone say all the things that Governor Raimondo is unwilling to contemplate. All the things that Hillary and Trump try to hide under the cupboard. All the things you know to be true. All the things you wish people in your government would say. All the things that a candidate that really speaks to your heart would say.

Invite your friends. It is going to be a breathe of fresh air in the gloomy fossil fuel craziness of your lives in 2016. Quit living in fear. It is time for the people to rise up in a large scale non violent movement to oust the reactionaries who are killing our planet with carbon and starting wars to support the oil monopoly all over the world. Come hear Jill and sign the petition to get her on the RI ballot. I will see you there. Greg Gerritt